Want It To End: Fierce Mild Live Virtual Reality Experience

Wed 9th May, 2018 – Sun 13th May, 2018
Aeso Studio
83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Price: $20
An immersive VR musical experience inspired by David Lynch.

Melbourne-based audio-visual band Fierce Mild are behind an immersive virtual-reality experience called Want It To End.

Two guests at a time are led through a dystopian version of an Australian rural landscape (a virtual-reality film directed by Stephanie Peters) by a mysterious man while a live soundtrack is performed by Fierce Mild.

Want It To End is a 20-minute experience inspired by the work of director David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive). The band is performing their extended, unreleased track Lost Highway, which is influenced by Lynch’s film of the same name.

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