Utopian Foods at Melbourne Knowledge Week

Thu 4th May, 2017
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Drill Hall
26 Therry Street, Melbourne
Price: $150

Insects, bone broths and sustainable seafood are all on the menu at Utopian Foods, an interactive dinner event presenting our food future through five courses.

"The idea is that each of the five courses will communicate a different idea about the utopian future,” says creator of the event and chef, Ben McMenamin.

McMenamin is the founder of The Social Food Project, an initiative that educates about sustainability through food events.

Utopian Foods is designed specifically for Melbourne Knowledge Week. It will combine indulgence and education and encourage new approaches to food.

“At the crux of it, it's about predicting a positive future and telling that story so it's more likely to come into reality.”

Each dish will be introduced with its own story, informed by concepts ranging from ecological diversity to cultural identity. One concept – eating more food that is around us – will inspire the creative use of ants and weeds (among other things) on a beautifully presented plate.

McMenamin has designed the menu and will prepare the food on the night. A chef for 11 years, he worked at Supernormal and Top Paddock before he started The Social Food Project last year.

His ideas about the future of food come from the Bachelor of Society and Environment he studied at RMIT.

“Through that research and learning, I started to connect it more to food. I had a lot of space to explore the notion of what's happening with food and what sort of trends we see globally.”

From there, he came up with ideas about what we might be doing in 50 years when it comes to cooking and eating. Food will be in a modern Australian style with matched drinks, including natural wines and a cocktails.

The event runs from 7pm–10pm.