Unfinished Business at ACCA

Fri 15th December, 2017 – Sun 25th March, 2018
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
111 Sturt St, Southbank
Six curators and more than 80 artists working across five decades.

The title of ACCA’s new show alludes to the ever-evolving nature of feminism. It’s never finished, and there is no single feminism. Nor is it as simple as a first, second and third wave. It’s an ever-expanding ripple of ideas that talk back to and react against each other. A lot of the work on show reflects a sense of urgency and its roots in protest. The first piece we see is a collection of protest-style posters embracing the contradictions contained in these walls, with slogans such as “Feminism is for everybody” and “Feminism by indifference”. Elsewhere, there are Fuck dresses by Ruth O’Leary, hanging dresses plastered with slogans such as “Fuck god”, “Fuck pussy” and “Fuck Horace Walpole”.

There’s a huge amount to see here. Six curators have pulled together more than 80 artists working across five decades, from an archival film by director Gillian Armstrong to a photograph taken within the gallery space during installation of this show. Over the years, feminist perspectives have evolved, branched out and clashed. The whole story can’t be told, but this is a lively analysis.

Tues to Sun 10am–5pm.