Tyranny of Distance - Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performs music by Brenton Broadstock & Julian Yu

Sat 17th October, 2009
8:00pm – 12:00am

If ‘new-wave grindcore’ isn’t your scene, but you don’t mind your music at the cutting edge, Tyranny of Distance might offer a more harmonious alternative. Melbourne Symphony Orchestra showcases the work of two of Melbourne’s most significant contemporary orchestral composers. Julian Yu arranges and orchestrates the work of 19th century Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky with a modern sensibility that draws upon his background in Chinese music, while Brenton Broadstock premiers his newest work – the eponymous Tyranny of Distance. If new-wave grindcore is your scene, the previous gig is a full week prior to this event, which is just enough time for the ringing in your ears to subside.

Hamer Hall