Two Mates Meat: Meatmaiden x Hi-Fi

Sat 28th May, 2022 – Sun 29th May, 2022
316 Smith Street Collingwood 3066
The first round sold out of all 400 sandwiches – now the carnivorous collab is back with more smokehouse-inspired sangas (including one you dip into bone marrow).

Meat your match (in sandwich form). Tom Johnson, executive chef of American barbeque restaurant Meatmaiden, and Terror Twilight’s Dale Kemp have collaborated on a meaty new menu for the latter’s Collingwood deli Hi Fi.

Last year’s collab at Terror Twilight saw them sell out 400 limited edition sandwiches. Now they’ve done it again, with three sandwiches available for two days only.

There’s a Chicago-style Italian rare beef sandwich with roasted peppers and provolone in a baguette that you’re meant to dip in a decadent bone marrow gravy; a smoked and pressed pork rib in a potato bun with black garlic aioli and pickled chillies; and a 20-hour smoked coffee brisket on a Cobb Lane bap roll.

Vegetarians, don’t fret – there’s also a mushroom ragu with taleggio and chilli on toasted sourdough bread, and a baba ganoush number with chunky eggplant, crisp chickpeas and salsa verde on Turkish bread.

And to order on the side: loaded curly fries topped with crispy pork and brisket, and a bourbon milkshake with maple syrup and a vanilla-bacon crumb.

From 9am to 3pm or until sold out.