Banh Mi-Inspired Pastry at Lune

Sat 12th June, 2021 – Sun 11th July, 2021
119 Rose Street Fitzroy 3065
The Vietnamese sandwich gets a flakey upgrade, with a croissant baguette, mushroom parfait, rare roast beef, nuoc mam gel, pickled carrot and daikon.

If you've ever had to choose between a banh mi and a croissant for breakfast, you're in luck – this hybrid is the best of both worlds. Lune's signature croissant dough has been shaped into a baguette and filled with rare roast beef, mushroom parfait, nuoc mam gel, pickled carrot and daikon, and fresh cucumber, spring onion and coriander.

It's by Masterchef contestant Tommy Pham, whose prize for winning Kate Reid's challenge was his pastry being included on the next menu at Lune Lab, a monthly degustation of experimental and boundary-pushing pastries. But Reid thought it was so good, more people should get to try it – it's available at both Lune stores until the end of school holidays.

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