Tipico Online Masterclasses

Sat 9th May, 2020 – Sat 6th June, 2020
Price: From $45
Learn how to make pizza, pasta and tiramisu – the Italian trifecta – in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The team at Windsor’s Tipico is bringing back its popular Italian masterclasses – but this time they’re virtual.

Dial into a Zoom call and follow along as the Tipico chefs share the secrets to making a few Italian classics. On May 9, you can try your hand at kneading, tossing and topping the perfect pizza. On May 23, there’s a class on constructing the ultimate tiramisu, with coffee included. And to round out the series, on June 6 you can learn how to make your own gnocchi.

The sessions will be held at 11am and will run for an hour and a half (so you’ll be done by lunchtime). They include a box of ingredients to feed four to six people, which is delivered before class starts. Plus, for an extra $25 you can add a bottle of vino – reward yourself for a job well done, or drink it while you’re cooking.

Free delivery is available within a 10-kilometre radius.

More information here.