A Theatrical Liquid Nitrogen Martini Trolley at Eau De Vie

Fri 23rd March, 2018 – Mon 31st December, 2018
1 Malthouse Lane Melbourne
Price: $24
Shaken, stirred or chilled with liquid nitrogen.

One of Melbourne’s best cocktail bars, Eau de Vie, is returning vintage charm to the cocktail-making process, in partnership with Star of Bombay slow-distilled gin.

The CBD bar has introduced a custom Martini-cocktail trolley to be wheeled between customers in addition to its table service. The trolley allows the in-situ creation of four bespoke takes on the Martini, to be mixed in front of guests and served directly from the trolley. Each is inspired by iconic trolley service cocktails through history and pay tribute to the luxury hotel bars which solidified each drinks place in drinking culture.

The Edwardian
A twist on the sweet-noted Hanky Panky cocktail from London's The Savoy Hotel of 1903. Includes Star of Bombay, Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino vermouth, Braulio digestif, and orange oils served with orange blossom Persian fairy floss.

The Captain Ritz
An adaption of the ultra-luxurious Ritz Sidecar from Paris. Includes Star of Bombay, calvados, dry curacao, citrus, and is served with dehydrated apple and crushed coriander seed.

Magda Martini
Inspired by The Dukes Hotel in London. Includes Star of Bombay, Grey Goose vodka, French Earl Grey tea-infused Lillet Blanc, and black pepper bitters. Served with parmigiano-reggiano cheese stuffed green olives and atomised lemon oil.

Simpson Martini
A Eau De Vie take on the traditional Dirty Martini served at the prominent Connaught Hotel in London. Includes Star of Bombay, samphire and saltbush infused Maidenii dry vermouth, honeyed apricot and smoked hickory bitters. Served with Australian arbequina olives.

The bartenders use liquid nitrogen to create a theatrical bath around the glasses, allowing them to stay ice-cold, without the aid of ice, for the perfect Martini temperature.

Each Martini is made with Star of Bombay, a small-batch, slow-distilled expression of Bombay Sapphire gin made from twelve botanicals. It's available with a range of bitters, brine and garnishes for those who like to customise their own. Each Martini costs $24, or you can opt for a sample board of all four for $50.

Reservations are essential. Book online or call (03) 8393 9367.

Mon to Thurs 5pm–1am
Fri and Sat 4pm–1am
Sun 4pm–11pm

The article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Star of Bombay.