That’s Amore Pasta and Cheese-Making Classes

Sat 18th September, 2021
10:00am – 3:00pm
That’s Amore Cheese
66 Latitude Blvd, Thomastown
Price: $110 - $180
Learn how to craft Italian-style cheese from scratch, plus the art of making fresh pasta (then filling it with formaggio) from one of the city's leading cheesemakers.

That’s Amore Cheese is letting you in on the secrets to Italian pasta and cheese-making, with a series of hands-on workshops in the factory’s demonstration kitchen.

The classes are open to everyone, from beginners to cheese-making enthusiasts looking to hone their craft.

For those wanting to learn the ins and outs of crafting formaggio, the Beginners Cheese-Making Class is a comprehensive, full-day affair. On July 10 and September 18, the five-hour class will give you the tools to turn a few litres of milk into Italian cheeses such as Primo Sale ("first salt"), mozzarella and ricotta. As part of the lesson, students also dig into a delicious Italian lunch with a glass of wine to match.

For a more casual approach to cheese-making, the two-hour mozzarella class on August 15 covers the basics, giving you the skills to shape your handmade mozzarella into bocconcini and trecce. There’s even a guided cheese-tasting session at the end (accompanied by wine, of course).

On July 3 and 31, and August 28, chef Gianna Donnini (head pasta maker at Donnini’s) is giving tips on making pasta, showing you how to craft tagliatelle, spinach & ricotta tortelloni and pumpkin ravioli using a pasta machine.

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