Textbook Otis: Tools of the Trade

Sat 9th December, 2017 – Sun 10th December, 2017
1:00pm – 12:00am
Collingwood Technical College
35 Johnston Street, Collingwood
Price: $166
Otis Armada dishes out an afternoon of bygone Australian food.

Otis Armada is a creative dining club, and it's back to present its fifth event, Textbook Otis. This one is inspired by an '80s schoolyard luncheon.

Taking place in the former Collingwood Technical College among crude locker-room scribbles, the team will produce an event full of food, wine, music and art.

With the help of chef’s Pete Cooksley (Embla) and Matthew Binney (ex-Merricote) the dishes will be inspired by Australian summer lunches of the era. Expect a refined and refreshing take on your favourite tuckshop goodies and courtyard barbeques; the experience is designed to be enjoyed together as a class.

Their previous show, Otis. Brutal. explored the raw origins of food, and the evening interrogated conventional ideas of beauty.

There will be two sittings, each with five courses, snacks and beverages included.

Starts at 1pm.