Tanuki Sake at Arlechin

Fri 12th March, 2021 – Sat 13th March, 2021
5:00pm – 12:00am
Mornane Place Melbourne 3000
Price: $45 or $90
A craft sake brewery is taking over the Grossi family's laneway bar for three weekends of Japanese rice wine plus matching snacks.

Melbourne Sake is one of Australia's first craft sake breweries, with founders (and Grossi alumni) Matt Kingsley Shaw and Quentin Hanley visiting sake breweries in New Zealand, the US and Japan for inspiration. While waiting for its first batch to release later this year (it’s currently still fermenting), the brand is teaming up with laneway bar Arlechin for three weekends dedicated to the Japanese drink.

The pop-up sake bar will be pouring a wide variety, from modern classic Dassai 45 (which has a delicate and soft floral palate) and Naka Shuzo Asahi Wakamatsu Omachi from the smallest sake brewery in Japan, to the unfiltered, unpasteurised and undiluted umami bomb that is Tamagawa White Label Yamahai.

Expect Italian snacks that pair well with the drink, such as croquettes and fish crudo from the Arlechin team.

A two-hour "full tanuki" experience costs $90 includes snacks and sake on arrival, plus a guided premium sake flight, while the "quick tanuki" lasts one hour and costs $45 for the same snacks and sake on arrival. More sakes will be available by the glass or in retail bottles to take home, and beers, cocktails and other Japanese liquors can be ordered.

Tanuki Sake Pop-up runs on February 26 and 27, March 5 and 6, and March 12 and 13. Seatings run from 5pm to 12pm.

More information here.