Buy Tickets: Spotlight On The Kogi

Thu 27th April, 2017
Bureaux Collective
29A Gwynne Street, Cremorne
Price: $12.58
This remote tribe in Colombia has a spiritual connection to its coffee, but its land is being threatened.

Spotlight On, run by Melbourne coffee roasting workspace Bureaux Collective, is a series designed to shed light on little-known or misunderstood parts of the coffee industry.

For this event Spotlight will focus on the Kogi, a tribe that lives in relative isolation high in the mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. This community of about 20,000 see themselves as the "elder brothers" of the earth. They are guided by principles that compel them to care for the planet.

The Kogi cultivate a wild coffee that grows among the native trees of their rainforest home. They refuse to introduce new varietals to the area, preferring instead to use exclusively plants found in the Sierra Nevada. Spiritual elders – known as Mamos – guide this sustainable farming.

With their ancestral home being threatened by creeping development and mining interests, the Kogi have begun exporting their coffee, and with it their message of conservation and environmental consciousness.

Bureaux Collective has invited Diana Rico and Lorenzo Perafan, who help facilitate the exportation of Kogi Coffee to Australia, to present their documentary on the Kogi, their process and their message. They’ll also be serving coffee grown by the Kogi.

From 6.30pm–9.30pm.