The Show of the Year 2019

Wed 4th December, 2019
The Athenaeum
188 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Price: $35
How do you wrap up the year in less than two hours? The Wheeler Centre does it with a line-up of pollies, comedians, journos and glittering pop music. Natch.

It’s been a big year. Scott Morrison won the apparently unwinnable election, the world's school children went on strike for the climate, Fleabag cleaned out the Emmys, and Lil Nas X travelled the Old Town Road to the top of the charts.

On Wednesday night, The Wheeler Centre will sum it all up at its annual end-of-year show, with the help of former opposition leader Bill Shorten, music legend Paul Kelly, Walkley-winning investigative reporter Louise Milligan, comedian Nathan Valvo, synth-y singer-songwriter Laura Jean and glittering electro-pop duo the Merindas.

Prepare to relive the highs and lows – from the impeachment scandal, to the Keanu Reeves-aissance – of 2019, one of the hottest messes of a year on record.

From 7pm to 9pm.

More information here.