Shaun Gladwell: Homo Suburbiensis

Sat 6th February, 2021 – Sat 24th April, 2021
185 Flinders Lane Melbourne
One of Australia's great contemporary artists is debuting new works, continuing his long exploration of mobility and fluctuation.

Shaun Gladwell's newest solo exhibition, Homo Suburbiensis at Anna Schwartz Gallery, features an original video piece with the same title, as well as new paintings.

The latter are formatted and installed in a similar vein to the artist's previous Anonymous Figures series from the 1990s and early 2000s. Rather than being mounted up, they instead lean directly on the walls with support from skateboard wheels – drawing from the theme of objects supporting images. The new works use juxtaposition with the accompanying video to lead back to questions surrounding the body and motion.

In the video Homo Suburbiensis (2020), Gladwell surveys ordinary, everyday actions, from eating and running to dancing and computer use. Voice over and cinematic framing are used to present a pseudo-scientific observation of daily life, while the dislocations and absurdity of the actions point out the disconnect.

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