Adopt an RSPCA Pet for $29

Fri 23rd February, 2018 – Sun 25th February, 2018
Victorian RSPCA Shelters
There's a plethora of pets from guinea pigs to puppies.

The RSPCA’s shelters are packed, so this weekend it's offering pets for adoption at a flat-rate of $29.

There are kittens and cats, puppies and dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits – all hoping for permanent homes.

And don't worry, the discounted price doesn’t mean regular adoption procedures are being waived: animals are still vet-checked, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped. Standard owner checks apply too, to ensure each pet is properly matched to it's new life.

Would-be adopters can visit any Victorian RSPCA shelter or care centre, or Petbarn adoption centre from Friday to Sunday to find a discounted friend.

Check out the RSCPA website for locations, and find more information on adoptions here.