Rosslynd Piggott: I Sense You but I Cannot See You

Fri 12th April, 2019 – Sun 18th August, 2019
National Gallery of Victoria
180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne
Price: Free entry
Bear witness to over four decades of the ethereal work of Melbourne artist Rosslynd Piggott.

You may never look at a glass of water in the same way again. Curated in collaboration with the artist herself, this NGV survey of four decades of Rosslynd Piggott’s work features more than 100 works, including paintings, sculptures, video, installations and indefinable things sitting curiously in between.

Piggott’s work is intelligent and ethereal, and the pieces in I Sense You but I Cannot See You draw on history, travel and the artist’s inner life. Assembled from local and international art collections and the artist’s own archives, this is the most comprehensive look at Piggott’s work ever shown.

Piggott herself explains the dreamlike title: “‘I sense you but I cannot see you’ conjures a place of pure intuition seeking to locate or understand a subject that is not entirely understandable.”

Walking through the exhibition is like following a single train of thought into the misty, liminal spaces of the artist’s subconscious. Piggott comes back to the same ideas again and again, reinterpreting them through different media. In one room, there’s a painting of a row of drinking glasses. In another, an actual row of 100 drinking glasses, labelled with both abstract concepts and tangible substances –“Egypt”, “gold”, “milk” – as if they might contain them. Later, there are mirrors and other reflective surfaces and allusions to water, glass-blown sculptures purporting to contain breath, as well as nudes, textiles and minimalist paintings.

Piggott works in the gaps between: between bodies, between states of being, between reality and dream.

Open from 10am to 5pm. Entry is free.

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