Romu Grand Final Pack

Sat 25th September, 2021
Price: $50 per person
Level up your footy snack game (or weekend picnic) with pork belly confit sausage rolls, Wagyu beef burgers on potato buns, chicken wings with fermented chilli hot sauce and more from a chef with Michelin cred.

Michelin-trained fine dining chef Romuald “Romu” Oudeyer is cooking a much more casual menu for the AFL grand final weekend.

His refined snack pack includes chicken wings with sour cream and fermented chilli and tomato sauce; a pork belly confit sausage roll with rhubarb sriracha; a Wagyu beef burger with pickled zucchini and mustard seed, caramelised onion, a black-pepper-veal-jus mayo on a Martin’’s potato bun; twice-cooked potato with native furikake and sour cream; and for dessert, a chocolate hazelnut creation called Kat Kat.

The finish-at-home menu costs $50 per person, with pick-up in Braybrook or delivery within 15 kilometres of the CBD.

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