Planetarium Nights at Scienceworks

Fri 13th October, 2017 – Fri 29th December, 2017
2 Booker Street, Spotswood
Price: $25-$45
An immersive experience that explores two rarely seen worlds.

For the next twelve weeks, the Planetarium at Scienceworks will transform into an after-hours cinema every Friday. On the bill for the next three weeks is a 7.30pm screening of Starlight, followed by a 9.00pm session of Coral Rekindling Venus.

Melbourne Planetarium Production Starlight is narrated by Australian actress Sigrid Thornton and takes the viewer on a discovery of constellations, the life span of a star and the inner workings of the Sun.

Documentary Coral Rekindling Venus takes us on an immersive journey into another rarely seen world - fluorescent coral reefs and the sea creatures that inhabit them. Director Lynette Wallworth tells the story of these complex organisms and the threat to survival they face.

Astronomy is the theme of every 7.30pm session. There’ll also be a tour of the night sky by Museums Victoria astronomer, Dr Tanya Hill, called What’s In The Sky Tonight.

Tickets can be purchased here.