A Peculiar Breed of Hate Speech Against Women Online

Tue 12th February, 2019
Kathleen Syme Library
251 Faraday Street, Carlton
Price: $22
Why are some women targets of trolls and not others? A feminist philosopher explains.

Last year, the largest ever study into the abuse of women online found, on average, an abusive or problematic tweet is sent to a woman every 30 seconds.

Online comments sections overflow with gendered attacks, but what do they achieve? Why are some women targeted and not others? And what does it tell us about the Australian psyche?

At this Melbourne Centre for Feminist Philosophy event, Dr Louise Richardson-Self, an author and lecturer in philosophy and gender studies at the University of Tasmania, will consider the “peculiar breed of hate speech” levelled at woman online.

Richardson-Self applies the framework of “difference feminism” to responses to articles shared by the Australian on Facebook. The framework explains why some women are more vulnerable to online abuse than others and what we can then infer about gender- and sex-based hierarchies in Australia today.

6.30pm to 8pm.

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