The Pagan A-Prentice

Thu 19th May, 2011
500 Victoria Street, North Melbourne
Price: $115.00

Wine and wagyu master Neil Prentice will be hosting a feast at Libertine in North Melbourne, to showcase some of his finest wines and wagyu. Neil will be serving wine from his Prentice, Moondarra and Holly's Garden labels, as well as highlighting his raison d'être, quality produce, good conversation and all things eating and drinking.

Neil's dinner guests will not only be treated to the fine food and wine he will be serving, he will also talk to them about the pagan and biodynamic approaches he takes to making his wines. Guests are also common to comment on or critique his produce, all while testing the products themselves.

To top it all off, Libertine Head Chef Andre De Laine, will be serving up a course of Neil’s much-applauded Moondarra Wagyu, completing the Prentice portfolio.