Outdoor Living by Atong Atem

Sun 22nd August, 2021 – Fri 31st December, 2021
Hanover House
158 City Road, Southbank
Price: Free
Take your daily walk through Southbank and view a new largescale installation, featuring colourful floral patterns and neon lights shaped into tulips and banksia.

A Southbank building has been colour-bombed in floral wallpaper pattern – not the one in your grandmother’s living room, but a vibrant, modern new work by South Sudanese artist Atong Atem.

She’s transformed two facades of Hanover House in Southbank, which will be part of what developer Beulah envisions to be the tallest tower in Australia. The new installation is part of experimental event series Beta, which includes a multi-sensory dining experience with chef Scott Pickett.

The large-scale piece is called Outdoor Living, and features bright, ‘70s-esque floral murals with accompanying neon lights shaped into tulips and an 8.5-metre-tall banksia. More than 500 litres of paint was used on the 24-metre-tall building over six weeks.

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