Other Half Tap Takeover: Aviation Project

Sat 30th March, 2019
106 Nicholson Street Footscray 3011
Bagel-and-schmear IPAs and porters inspired by cult banana-split croissants. A NYC favourite is bringing its brews Down Under.

Other Half Brewing Company started in Brooklyn, New York in 2014 with a simple goal: to brew drinkable beers in an environment its team wanted to be in.

It’s community focused and has collaborated with likeminded brewers and brands worldwide. And in March it’s taking over the taps at Footscray’s Mr West – the half bottle shop, half bar where funky natural wines and craft brews sit alongside easy-drinking lagers and smashable sav blancs.

A pallet of 11 Half Brewing beers is making the trip Down Under, complete with a Bagel and Schmear IPA, which is a tribute to the iconic NYC food.

They’re also bringing the Stay Wild Moon Child Imp Porter, which is the result of a collaboration with Garage Project brewery inspired by New York’s Supermoon Bakehouse’s cult banana-split croissants.

More information here.