Opa Bota at Heide Summer Festival

Sun 7th March, 2021
Sculpture Park, Heide Museum of Modern Art, 7 Templestowe Rd, Bulleen VIC
Price: Adult - $38 / Members - $28
Authentic contemporary Balkan brass music comes to Heide this summer.

What do darbuka, tapan, tuba and trumpet music have to do with summer? They’re all instruments in the 10-piece band, Opa! Bato, who will perform in the grounds of Heide Museum of Modern Art this summer.

Opa! Bato claim to be the only “Trubački Orkestar” in Australia. Derived from Turkish-influenced improvisations, the lively Melbourne-based band play energetic, brass-heavy music drawn from the traditions of Serbia, Macedonia and beyond. Led by Dushan Mitrovic, a composer and performer originally from Serbia/Czech Republic, Opa! Bato were formed in 2009 to showcase the unique fusion of European and Oriental conceptions of this music.

They’ve since played the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, High Vibes Music Festival, Darebin Music Feast and the Antipodes Hellenic Festival, as well as being a regular fixture at weddings, parties and cultural festivals. Suffice to say, where there is Opa! Bato, there is a party!

Opa! Bato will be the final act performing at the Heide Summer Festival, which runs from January 17 to March 7 at the much-loved sculpture park at Heide. The summer event sees partnerships with the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Songlines and Midsumma Festival, to present live acts like Emma Donovan and The Putbacks, Solomon Sisay, The Deans, and Diimpa and Forest Collective, as the venue embraces live performance throughout summer.

March 7 2021
Time: 4pm
Sculpture Park, Heide Museum of Modern Art, 7 Templestowe Rd, Bulleen VIC
Price: Adult $38 / Members: $28

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