Ocean Invaders

Thu 12th December, 2019 – Tue 31st March, 2020
Sea Life Melbourne
King Street, Melbourne
Price: $33.60–$299
Crawl through a cylindrical tank surrounded by swarms of colourful jellyfish at the aquarium's new immersive exhibit.

If your only real-life experience of jellyfish is trying not to tread on them at the beach, Sea Life Melbourne’s immersive new exhibit will likely surprise and delight.

Ocean Invaders takes up three rooms of the aquarium, featuring exotic jellyfish species, lighting effects and plenty of factoids about the spineless sea creatures.

Visitors come face to face with thousands of colourful jellies at the permanent exhibit, which includes a jellyfish-filled cylindrical tank you can crawl through and a luminous spherical tank, too.

In The Jelly Lab you can learn about jellyfish’s remarkable life cycles, plus kids can design their own digital jellyfish that will be projected on the wall.

Ocean Invaders is included with admission to aquarium, so you also get to meet Mitchell the grey nurse shark, Pinjarra the saltwater croc, the colony of king and gentoo penguins and many more.

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