"Object/Reflect" at Off The Kerb

Sat 27th June, 2015
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Off the Kerb Gallery
66B Johnston Street, Collingwood
Using photography to give new meaning to old objects, Alice Hutchison inspects the fine line between the artful and the mundane.

We’ve had pop-up restaurants, pop-up markets, even pop-up parks, but the ephemerality of this one-night-only exhibition makes it all the more meaningful.

Launching an independent publication on the same night in conjunction with her exhibition, Alice Hutchison’s photographic display focuses on the intricacies of everyday objects.

Bearing no obvious relationship to each other, each photograph places an everyday object on a mirrored surface to expose its delicacy. The pictures force the viewer to pause and inspect how the familiar has been so simply reconstructed and reflected to produce a new inherent narrative.

Drawn together by their meditations on the personal and impersonal nature of objects themselves, and the reflections they inspire, five writers collaborate in Object/Reflect to produce a publication that is both personal and universal, philosophical and idiosyncratic.

Object/Reflect the publication will be available for purchase on the night.

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