Nobody Denim Laundry Tour

Sat 13th March, 2021
Nobody Denim Factory
71 Leicester Street, Fitzroy
Price: Free
Step into the label's Fitzroy factory and get a free, intimate look at how denim is transformed.

For years, Nobody Denim has been washing and customising its jeans from a Fitzroy denim factory. And as part of Melbourne Fashion Festival, you can watch how the brand makes its signature pieces.

Co-founder John Condilis and senior wash developer Sara Fletcher guide guests on an intimate tour inside the factory, where the denim is washed, dyed, distressed and turned into wearable garments.

It's a transparent look at the process, still largely done by hand, and explores themes of sustainability and small manufacturing in an industry notorious for waste and fast fashion.

The tour takes approximately 45 hours and is free.

More information here.