Nike Run Club Training Plans

Sun 15th August, 2021 – Sun 10th October, 2021
Nike Run Club App
Price: Free
Whether you're gunning to run a marathon later this year or just want to get your body moving, these weeks-long programs will have you running faster, longer and more consistently.

In the lead up to the Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival on Sunday October 10, sportswear giant Nike has launched four bespoke new training plans to help you hit your running goals. But even if you aren't planning on joining the race, you can still take advantage of the tailored programs and finally hit that 5K (if you're a beginner) or just learn more about proper technique and get better times if you're seasoned.

The programs use the Nike Run Club App and its Audio-Guided Runs to take you through multiple workouts over the span of weeks. There are eight-week plans for working up to running five or 10 kilometres, and two 14-week programs for hitting a half or full marathon.

All four training programs are free to download as a PDF, or you can sign up to receive an email with the week's plan (plus motivation and exclusive member invites) every Sunday from August 15.

The Melbourne Marathon Festival features courses with all four distances, plus a three-kilometre route. They all finish inside the MCG for a winning finish-line experience.

Download the training plans here.