NGV Online Course: Colour

Mon 29th March, 2021 – Sun 23rd May, 2021
10:00am – 12:00am
Price: Basic Enrolment $49 | NGV Members Basic Enrolment $44
Embark on a virtual online course with NGV curators and special guests to examine and understand colour.

What is colour exactly and how does it work? How did it come to be produced for artists and designers? How does the colour we see in works of art and design impact their preservation and care? And what do different colours symbolise and how has colour been gendered, politicised and commodified in modern and contemporary society?

They’re big questions. But ones the NGV can help answer, with a new self-guided online course that dives into how artists and designers have used colour to convey meaning throughout history.

Over five weeks, NGV curators and guests will steer participants through an online course that includes an introduction to colour theory, the history of pigments, the science behind colour and our relationship with it. A companion course to the current exhibition, Spectrum: An Exploration of Colour at NGV International.

The course takes place virtually and course materials include videos, written materials, discussion prompts and weekly quizzes. Access to the course will be available from 10am on Monday 29 March and can be completed in participants' own time across an eight week period.

Bookings are required. See more details and book now.

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