Murder Mystery: Labassa Mansion

Thu 3rd February, 2022 – Sat 25th February, 2023
Labassa Mansion
2 Manor Grove, Caulfield North
Price: $60
Find clues, solve riddles and catch the culprit behind the murder of a wealthy widow inside a heritage-listed mansion in this immersive detective experience.

A murder has taken place inside one of Melbourne’s most storied, opulent residences. The victim: a wealthy widow. And the culprit? It’s your job to find out.

That’s the premise of Murder Mystery: Labassa Mansion, set in a grand Victorian-era mansion considered one of the most significant Australian houses built in the French renaissance style. It has 20 rooms, painted ceilings, stained glass windows, oak parquetry and, above all, a storied history.

It all comes to play in this immersive detective experience, where you and other participants are tasked with solving the widow’s murder – all you know is that she was poisoned. Explore the mansion’s rooms, discover its secrets, hunt for clues and interrogate the suspects (including her family members, lover and personal chef) to find out who’s behind it all.

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