A Month of Sundaes

Wed 9th September, 2020 – Sun 25th October, 2020
877 High Street Thornbury
Price: $18–$56
Kenny Lover has released a luscious, ice-cream-sundae-flavoured beer with Carwyn Cellars and Deeds Brewing. Expect toasty, dark-malt notes elevated by bright, fun sundae flavours such as glazed cherries, desiccated coconut and crunchy cocao nibs.

For months, Thornbury ice-creamery Kenny Lover has been concocting beer-flavoured ice-cream with leftovers from neighbouring bottle shop Carwyn Cellars – including zingy sorbets made with La Sirène’s red farmhouse ale and 3 Ravens’ pastry sour.

Its next frontier? Ice-cream-flavoured beer.

The duo, in collaboration with Glen Iris’s Deeds Brewing, has created a luscious imperial ice-cream stout called A Month of Sundaes. And, if the tasting notes are anything to go by, it’s very lockdown-appropriate: “Imperial stout and ice-cream go together like working from home and not wearing real pants.”

Kenny Lover co-owner Tom Peasnell (also Peaches, Cheek, Dexter and Takeaway Pizza) says, “It’s our play on a pastry stout” – a trending beer style that takes the sweet, rich, dessert-like side of stout and pushes it to the extreme.

This locally made riff has all the toasty, dark-malt notes of an imperial stout, but there’s extra silkiness from the ice-cream’s lactose. And it’s elevated by bright, fun sundae flavours including glazed cherries, desiccated coconut, fragrant vanilla and cacao nibs (for a crunchy, sprinkle-like texture).

The 440-millilitre cans have a 10 per cent ABV, so it's a one-can number.

Beer-averse? In a move that can only be described as ice-cream inception, Kenny Lover has also made a boozy ice-cream from the beer.

A single can is $18; a two-pack with a 500-millilitre tub of the ice-cream (which is also available at Kenny Lover) is $45; and a four-pack is $56.

More information here.