Milklab Oat Float

Thu 16th December, 2021
State Library of Victoria
A travelling pop-up from the Australian plant-based milk brand is handing out free coffees.

Milklab makes plant-based milks designed to complement coffee: they texture, stretch and pour to the ideal silky consistency (so no more split almond or gloopy soy lattes). You’ve probably noticed its cartons in front of coffee machines around town for a while, but now there’s a new one addition to the range - oat milk.

To celebrate the launch of its new oat milk (made with 100% Australian oats), Milklab has launched a travelling pop-up cafe (called the “Oat Float”) that will make its way around town in December. Patrons will be treated to a free coffee made with the new oat milk and a specialty blend from local roasters. The first 100 free coffees each day will also be served in an edible cup made from locally-sourced oats and grains.

The Oat Float will pop up from in St Kilda at South Beach Reserve from 7am-12pm on Saturday 11 December, outside the State Library of Victoria on Thursday 16 December, and at Elwood Beach (on the beachfront by Elwood Life Saving Club) on Saturday 18 December.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Milklab.