Mike Parr’s Half Way House at Anna Schwartz Gallery

Sat 1st May, 2021 – Sat 31st July, 2021
185 Flinders Lane Melbourne
The artist and provocateur is back with another groundbreaking series of “blind” performances and new videos, paintings, photography and sculpture.

Provocative performance and endurance artist Mike Parr is once again taking over Anna Schwartz Gallery. Known for being painted with his own blood in Foreign Looking and drawing blindfolded on the Schwartz Gallery walls for Kindness Is So Gangster, Parr’s latest exhibition, Half Way House, will transform the gallery over a series of four blind performances.

The three-month exhibition is a continuation of Towards an Amazonian Black Square, which Parr performed in his 2019 show Eternal Opening. For that work Parr climbed up and down a ladder painting black squares with his eyes shut, demonstrating his frustration with and despair at the Amazon wildfires.

The blind performances in Half Way House will also be accompanied by some of the artist’s other static works, which speak to the separate stages of the exhibition. These include video, painting, photography and sculpture exploring Parr’s commitment to endurance performance.

As with his other works, Parr uses his body in Half Way House as a way to explore relevant political conventions. The exhibition adds to the artist’s decade-long series, Self Portrait Project, in which Parr analyses his self-reflection through art.

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