MIFF: Greenhouse by Joost

Sat 13th August, 2022 – Sun 21st August, 2022
Multiple locations
Price: From $20
Eco-pioneer Joost Bakker built a blueprint for the home of the future, then two of the country’s top chefs lived in it. A new documentary follows the story, accomplishments and disappointments of the tiny 87-square-metre home and urban farm.

The website for Future Food System has a timer: the experiment has been going on for more than 550 days. Trailblazing zero-waste warrior Joost Bakker – of Greenhouse, Silo, Brothl and many others – designed it as a combined home and urban farm, with a vision of us all living in something similar in the future.

When it launched, Oakridge co-executive chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett left their posts at the winery and moved into the tiny 87-square-metre structure in Fed Square, cooking and serving only what they could grow on-site. The pair has since moved on, but the journey of Future Food System – from Bakker’s conception and design to the chefs’ daily routines and the small dinners they hosted – has been preserved in a new documentary.

Supported by the MIFF Premiere Fund, Greenhouse by Joost focuses on the human element behind the experimental project, with behind-the-scenes looks at how Bakker, Stone and Barrett tackled it: from the accomplishments and elation to the failures and disappointments, and everything in between.

It’s screening in cinemas in Melbourne and across Victoria as part of Melbourne International Film Festival – find the full schedule and tickets here.