Magnetic City feat Michal Turtle, Jamie Tiller and Tako at Whitehart

Thu 5th July, 2018
5:00pm – 11:59am
22 Whitehart Lane Melbourne 3000
British street soul, '80s funk, '90s rap, R'n'B and beyond for your Thursday night.

On Saturday at the excellent Winter Freedom Time festival, a friend told me about meeting the British electronic musician Michal Turtle over an unexpected lunch. The friend described how rather than his current tour, Turtle’s biggest concern seemed to be finding a safe place to store the Spider-Man bag he was carrying because it contained his son’s football World Cup stickers.

In a funny way this story describes one part of what Turtle’s label – the Amsterdam-based Music From Memory – does so well. As well as releasing seminal new records, the label has also had huge success reissuing little-known visionary gems of outsider electronic music giving musicians whose priorities have shifted from the stage to Spider-Man bags the chance to connect with new audiences.

Turtle’s releases so far on Music From Memory – all of which were recorded in the early 1980s – are curious explorations of percussion and electronics. There are funk guitars and wind chimes, cyclical synthesisers and polyrhythms. Zoote Pointe finishes with the sounds of an overly lubricated whoopee cushion. Sometimes it feels like you’re in a jungle rave populated solely by rare tropical birds. Turtle’s electronic worlds are cheeky, funky and truly unique. He’ll be playing live supported by DJ sets from Music From Memory label heads Jamie Tiller and Tako Reyenga. And the gig’s free, you’d be mad not to check this out.

Magnetic City feat Michal Turtle, Jamie Tiller and Tako is at Whitehart on Thursday July 5, 5pm–12pm. Free entry.