Method 3 for Unproven but Believed to be True

Sat 7th September, 2019 – Sun 22nd September, 2019
Alpha60 Chapter House
Level 2, 195 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Fire burns at the core of this new exhibition.

Melbourne-based artist James McCready works predominantly with fire, using performance, video and sculpture. Find his latest exhibition at Alpha60 Chapter House, a lofty space with vaulted ceilings and stained-glass windows on Flinders Lane, from September 7 to 22.

The centrepiece is Method 3, a new video work featuring the flamethrower apparatus, which shoots blasts of LPG gas that burn at 1967 degrees Celsius. In the film you see a solitary figure standing in darkness. A flame then appears and slowly engulfs the scene, consumes the artist, and disappears.

The flamethrower is also used in Unproven But Believed to be True, a three-channel work where the artist performs strenuous physical tasks under elemental duress.

Also part of the exhibition will be photographic documents – giclee art prints – that are housed in argon (an inert blanket preventing oxidation), machined aluminium and glass. This preserves them exponentially.