Messy Beautiful at Edge Galleries

Sat 20th March, 2021 – Sat 1st May, 2021
Edge Galleries
35 Main Street, Maldon
Take a trip to Maldon and visit this provocative solo show by internationally exhibited artist Jessica Ledwich, who explores sexuality, sensuality and the female body through the visual medium.

Throughout the centuries, women have been told to hide their "inappropriate" sides – from sexual desires and immoral urges to irrational fears and shameful experiences.

In her solo exhibition Messy Beautiful at Maldon's brand-new Edge Galleries, Melbourne artist Jessica Ledwich explores the parts of womanhood that are forced into hiding. It's a look into the unconscious parts of the psyche, drawing them out for everyone to see.

There are visual innuendos throughout the pieces, from fingers on wet, pastel flowers to blood red petals coming out of pouting lips, ultimately asking the question, "Can we completely accept who we are if there are aspects of ourselves that we are too afraid to explore?”

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