Melancholia at the Malthouse Theatre

Fri 13th July, 2018 – Sun 12th August, 2018
The Coopers Malthouse
113 Sturt St, Southbank 3006
Price: $35–$72
The cinematic masterpiece has been reimagined for the stage.

Lars Von Trier’s critically acclaimed 2011 film Melancholia has been adapted for the stage, and will show at Southbank’s Malthouse Theatre until August 12.

The cinematic tour de force, about a newlywed bride struggling with mental illness as a wayward planet, Melancholia, careens towards the earth, has been reimagined by playwright Declan Greene, and directed Matthew Lutton.

Eryn Jean Norvill and Leeanna Walsman lead a talented ensemble cast.

Melancholia runs until August 12. More information here.