Margot Robbie Week at Embla Rooftop Bar and Cinema

Wed 7th April, 2021 – Sun 11th April, 2021
122 Russell Street Melbourne 3000
Price: $18-$24
Melbourne’s newest rooftop cinema is running a week-long salute to the Neighbours star turned Hollywood icon.

In the roll call of acting greats who’ve had their start on Ramsey Street, few have come further faster than Margot Robbie. Now she’s about to receive the ultimate accolade: a week-long celebration of her Hollywood career at the Embla Rooftop Bar and Cinema.

Running the week after Easter, Embla have chosen five films that best capture the many moods of Robbie.

She’ll be playing a baseball-bat toting supervillain and a disillusioned Fox News staffer, a charming grifter on her way up and a trophy wife shackled to a millionaire heading for a fall – and you’ll be able to enjoy it all from the comfort of the cinema’s trademark deck chairs, with the kitchen’s menu available for snacking or meals.

The week begins with Bombshell, a searing real-life look at sexism and the toxic culture inside Fox News. The film puts a smart and subversive spin on its many startling exposes, but it’s Robbie’s heartbreakingly raw performance as one of Ailes’ younger victims that’ll stay with you.

I,Tonya sees Robbie practising her steely gaze as infamous figure skater Tonya Harding. A world champion sneered at by the establishment for her working-class background (and who may have had her biggest rival bashed), Harding is definitely a complicated character and Robbie makes her every facet shine.

With Focus Robbie turns on the charm opposite Will Smith in the kind of sassy romance they don’t make enough of these days. He’s a con man working his latest angle, she’s an up-and-comer looking for a mentor; this could be the start of a beautiful relationship if they can ever look past their next target.

Wolf of Wall Street is the film that made Robbie Hollywood famous (as distinct from Neighbours famous), a cynical celebration of excess in the classic Martin Scorsese style. As the trophy wife of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort she may just seem eye candy, but the steel that’s become a Robbie trademark soon makes its presence felt.

The week wraps up in superhero style with Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, a breathless neon rush through Gotham City’s underbelly with an all-girl crew of crime-crushing crusaders. Which might be a problem, as Robbie’s gleefully erratic and baseball-bat wielding Quinn is still technically a bad guy.

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