Maker & Monger High Cheese At Home

Wed 1st July, 2020 – Wed 30th September, 2020
Price: $189
The cheesy take on high tea is back with gooey baked camembert, brie layered with Victorian black truffles, and a champagne-soaked French cheese, all in the cheesy comfort of your home.

Forget hoity-toity high tea, with its dry scones and tepid drinks. The Westin and Maker & Monger are bringing back their wildly successful, highly delicious High Cheese for a third year. And this time, it's happening at your place.

Your delivery will include Le Conquerant camembert studded with thyme and garlic, ready to pop in the oven then serve with crusty sourdough; L’Artisan Grand Fleuri brie layered with Victorian black truffles and crème fraiche; champagne-soaked Petit Langres (a washed-rind cow’s-milk cheese); and Gouda scones with apricot butter.

For dessert there are mini Basque cheesecakes, beurre noisette (brown butter) madeleines, and a little tub of whipped lemon mascarpone with fresh honeycomb on top.

You'll also get a recyclable stand on which to stack your fromage, a nifty Maker & Monger tote bag, and 1.5-litres of mulled wine.

More information here.