Lube and Lasagne by Figr and 1800 Lasagne

Sat 24th July, 2021 – Sun 25th July, 2021
653 High Street Thornbury 3071
A mini glass bottle of Melbourne-made lubricant and a tray of carby lazza are all you need for a saucy night in.

Personal lube and lasagna might seem like an odd pair, but the women behind Aussie lubricant Figr and the team at 1800 Lasagne reckon both will help you get through lockdown.

That’s why they’re giving away a free 20-millilitre bottle of Figr (in a pretty glass bottle you’ll want to display on the bedside table rather than hide in the drawers) with the first 20 takeaway orders of lasagna on Saturday and Sunday (pick-up only(. What you do with it is up to you, but we reckon a bottle of wine is in order, too.

Order here.