Lousy Ink Pop-Up Exhibition

Fri 31st March, 2017
Bside Gallery
121 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Lousy Ink recycles ink for a artists, and now they're showcasing what Melbourne artists have done with their wares.

With the help of more than 40 artists, Melbourne-based brand Lousy Ink is holding its first exhibition. The brief for the creatives was simple: create a new work that pushes the flexibility of the ink.

Founded by artists Oli Ruskidd and Mike Eleven, Lousy Ink sources from a local plastics factory, where empty printer cartridges are collected. The cartridges are crushed for their plastic and the leftover ink usually ends up as chemical waste. Lousy Ink now collects that ink and repurposes it for local artists.

Ten per cent of every sale is also donated to Arts Project Australia, a Victorian charity that supports artists with intellectual disabilities.

The exhibition opens at 6pm on March 31 at Fitzroy’s BSIDE Gallery.