Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2018

Sat 17th March, 2018 – Mon 2nd April, 2018
Lorne Foreshore
Lorne, Victoria
Local and international artworks that consider nature and endangerment.

For three weeks only, Lorne Sculpture Biennale will transform Lorne's foreshore into a free festival celebrating the best in Australian and international contemporary sculpture.

The 2018 event explores the theme "Landfall". It will show major works and commissions from 41 artists dedicated to issues of nature and endangerment.

The Sculpture Trail – a four-kilometre track extending from Stony Creek in North Lorne to George River, and which includes the Pier – invites attendees to view works from both emerging and established sculptors, by walking, cycling or driving along the trail.

Sculpturescape involves artists using the environment and re-imagine it in clever ways, either by introducing new materials or by rearranging what is already there.

Attendees are also invited to make their own sculptures with artist Anton Hasell, and Merinda Kelly will encourage audiences to repurpose their daily clutter for her Performing Archaeologies.

The Small Sculpture Exhibition allows sculptors in the Sculpture Trail to also create maquettes (mini versions of their works), which will be for sale.

The Living Stage is a biodiverse installation and performance space. Situated at Erskine Paddock, the part-theatre, part-garden and part-community collage will involve suspended sculptures and a series of performances that explore stories of environmental vitality and rejuvenation.

Sculptures will be on display 24/7 in public spaces.

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