Longrain x Piccolina Thai Banquet

Fri 21st August, 2020 – Sat 22nd August, 2020
Price: $120
The modern Thai meal includes classic Longrain dishes such as intricate eggnet filled with prawn, pomelo and bean shoots. It also comes with three special new flavours of Piccolina gelato (think: caramelised banana layered with crunchy roasted peanuts).

If you’ve been working your way through the to-eat list of Melbourne’s best takeaway options, we’ve got another to add to the top.

For two nights, modern Thai restaurant Longrain, which was recently acquired by chef-restaurateur Scott Pickett, and Piccolina Gelateria are offering a heat-at-home banquet, with three new Thai-inspired gelato flavours for dessert.

On the menu are Longrain dishes such as eggnet filled with prawn, pomelo and bean shoots; caramelised pork hock with five-spice chilli vinegar; and massaman beef curry with lime leaf and candlenut.

Pickett worked with Piccolina Gelateria owner Sandra Foti to develop two flavours of gelato (caramelised banana with roasted peanuts; caramelised palm sugar and honeycomb) and one sorbet (lemon infused with lemongrass, ginger and Thai basil).

The banquets are $120 for two and come with a one-litre tub of gelato.

Pre-order via the Longrain website to pick up at Piccolina Gelateria Hawthorn or Collingwood, or at Estelle in Northcote. Contactless delivery is available within 10 kilometres of Hawthorn or Northcote.

Orders must be placed by 4pm the day before for pick up between 12pm and 7.30pm.

More information here.