Linden Art Prize 2019

Sat 23rd February, 2019 – Sun 28th April, 2019
Linden New Art
26 Acland Street, St Kilda
This award was create to nurture the next generation of up-and-coming artists. See their works in one place.

The Linden Art Prize is an annual award for artists graduating with a Masters or PhD in Victoria. On show now is the work of the winner, Siying Zhou (who also features in National Anthem above), runner-up Andrew Atchison and six finalists, all interesting voices at the beginning of their careers, mostly concerned with self-representation and culture.

Atchison’s sculptures – a huge hanging mobile of differently weighted objects and a textile möbius strip – are abstract representations of queer identity, while Tammy Law’s photographs reflect the stateless, hybrid existences of refugees by projecting images of Burma onto humdrum Australian domestic settings such as cars, suburban houses and backyard sheds. Shane Nicholas offers a sculpture of a scrappy, glitchy figure with multiple arms and faces. Jaye Early’s confessional-like video works, in his own words, oscillate “between self-mockery and sincerity”.

“Sometimes I don’t know if I’ve had the lived experience to be called Indigenous,” the artist says. “To experience racism … to be treated like a rodent.“

The winning work from Zhou is refreshingly comfortable with its hybridity. Speakers and old TV sets are bound to a sculpture that looks like an eroded rock, depicting two older Chinese Australians making steamed hot cross buns.

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