Let There Be Light

Sun 24th February, 2019 – Tue 12th March, 2019
Justin Art House Museum
3 Lumley Court, Prahran
Price: $25
A selection of light-based art built on reflections, refractions and projections, and collected over four decades.

For more than 40 years, Charles and Leah Justin have been collecting contemporary art. Now, in the lower levels of their home, a selection of light-based art built on reflections, refractions and projections is open to the public.

On the ground floor, photographer Michael Norton’s image of the moon and clouds recalls the pupil and iris of an eye. David Stephenson uses long exposure photography to turn stars into confetti, effectively using light like paint. But it’s upstairs where things get really interesting, in a darkened room filled with gently oscillating light. To paraphrase James Turrell, whereas most art is about how light reflects off surfaces, this work simply is light.

Gina Jones’s 10-centimetre-square piece made from mirrors, perspex and LED lights creates the illusion of an infinite pit of light. Taree Mackenzie’s Pepper's Ghost, Diamonds, Green and Magenta (2018) throws spinning objects, a one-way mirror and green and magenta LEDs together, letting the eye do the colour-mixing, and Julian Day’s rhythmically flickering neon sign reminds us to “BREATHE IN / OUT”. With most of these works throwing light around the room, you never see one piece in isolation.

Visits by appointment.

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