Leonardo da Vinci at The Lume

Sat 16th March, 2024 – Sun 16th June, 2024
The Lume
5 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf
Price: $29.90-$49.90
Gaze at a 360-degree display of the Mona Lisa, get the first look at the coveted Codex Atlanticus, soar over Florence, take a seat at The Last Supper table and more.

Digital art gallery The Lume has brought to life the works of many renowned painters including Van Gogh and Monet. More recently, it projected the works of more than a 100 First Nations creatives. Now its latest exhibition celebrates the mastermind of 15th-century polymath Leonardo Da Vinci.

See Da Vinci’s original drawings and writings from the Codex Atlanticus – previously displayed at The Louvre and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art – for the first time ever in Australia. The exhibition also has a precise 360-degree replica of the Mona Lisa (the only of its kind in the world) by leading French optical engineer Pascal Cotte, who dissects Da Vinci’s technique and symbolism.

Visitors will experience the painting at its actual size, see its original colour from 1503 and discover other hidden details in this legendary piece. Plus see 40 of Da Vinci’s sketched inventions come to life. Think flying machines and underwater breathing devices.

Other interactive displays include the VR Florence Flyover, a look over Renaissance Florence as if soaring like a bird (one of Da Vinci's dreams). There's Drawn by Leonardo, which transforms visitors into a Da Vinci sketch. And Artist Studio, where you can make your own art guided by videos.

Finish off with a feast fit for 15th-century royalty in the Renaissance-themed dining room against a backdrop of Da Vinci’s iconic painting The Last Supper.

“Leonardo, arguably the greatest creative genius the world has ever known, astonishes us with the vastness of his curiosity and expertise – from artist and scientist to engineer, sculptor, musician, event producer, geologist, botanist – and beyond,” says The Lume's founder, Bruce Peterson.


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