Leaps and Beats

Sat 29th February, 2020
Immigration Museum
400 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Price: $10 - $40
Live dance designed to move you (both mentally and physically) at the Immigration Museum.

To conclude the Immigration Museum’s Summer of Dance, which has seen giant projections of contemporary dance, participatory performances, dance parties and live music, dancer-in-residence Amrita Hepi takes us on one last journey in Leaps + Beats (2020 is leap year – geddit?).

But first, it’s your time to shine. Let yogic disco merchants Deep Soulful Sweats facilitate your own stylin’ entry onto the outdoor courtyard’s dance floor – and as you’d expect from a tribe founded on the winter solstice, things are likely to get freaky. Anyone who has already had the Deep Soulful Sweats experience at Arts Centre Melbourne, Castlemaine State Festival or Chunky Move knows to expect a grand-scale, inhibition-free zone that sucks in wallflowers and turns them into gladioli. Participants will find themselves in a guided astrological dance, divided into earth, air, fire or water elements depending on their star sign. Choreographers and dancers lead the way in an anything-goes, rave-meets-ritual dance to the heavens.

The night will end with a special farewell performance from Hepi, a First Nations dancer and choreographer who has performed with leading dance companies such as Marrugeku and Force Majeure.

From 6pm to 10pm.

Tickets here.