Fri 19th January, 2018 – Sun 21st January, 2018
Collingwood Technical College
35 Johnston Street, Collingwood
A walk-through art installation in an abandoned school.

More than 30 artists have taken over the former Collingwood Technical College to create Intermission, an experimental exhibition spread over three storeys.

The site was empty for 12 years and is set for redevelopment in February, providing a brief window for the new show which is curated by 23-year-old Georgia Goodnow (GOODIE) for Juddy Roller, and enlists local, national and international artists.

There's no set genre or theme for the show, and the artists have different genders and ages, and backgrounds as diverse as their practices; including graffiti, mural, installation, performance and sculpture.

The artists were given absolute creative freedom, and it's noticeable. Inside the building you'll come across saturated-pink rooms with chairs on the ceiling and huge, brightly coloured geishas covering entire century-old classroom walls. There's hallways filled with butterflies, and painted-over chalkboards. Plus, something special hidden in the old caretaker's cottage.

Intermission will disappear on Sunday January 21.

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