Improv Attacks Humanity

Tue 6th April, 2021 – Sun 18th April, 2021
9:45pm – 10:45pm
Vodka Temple
160–162 Lygon Street, Carlton
Price: $16.19–$27.46
At this Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, an audience-wide game of Cards Against Humanity dictates what goes down on stage. No two shows are the same.

"What ended my last relationship?" "Three years of semen in a shoebox."

Comedy troupe The Improv Pit is playing a no-holds-barred game of Cards Against Humanity with the audience, and the results get played out by the cast on-stage.

White answer cards are distributed to audience members, who use them to respond to the host's black card prompts. The combinations that get the most laughs are then used by the troupe on-stage.

Because of the interactive element, no two shows are ever the same – cast members have to think on their feet and flesh out characters, scenarios and a world based on the game.

A mix of short-form and long-form improvisation techniques means the brief, seemingly unrelated skits culminate in all the storylines coming together in unexpected ways.

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