Huge Indoor-Plant Warehouse Sale: Tropicana Party

Sat 29th February, 2020 – Sun 1st March, 2020
36 Stephenson Street, Richmond
Shop thousands of indoor plants under one roof – and score $5 off if you wear a Hawaiian shirt.

Local green thumbs The Jungle Collective will fill a Richmond warehouse with indoor plants, designer pots and tropical tunes for a huge two-day sale.

Previously more than 170 different species have been on sale. Expect fiddle leaf figs, monstera, giant birds of paradise, devil’s ivy, a whole heap of ferns, plus more – including as many rare plants as the team can source. There’ll also be “designer” pots, style advice from staff and plant-care tips from a horticulturalist.

Planning to buy up big? You may want to bring a box to carry your plants home in, there’ll only be a limited number on-site. And it’ll be worth rifling through your outfits of festivals past (or your dad’s wardrobe) – anyone wearing a Hawaiian shirt will get $5 off.

Entry is free, but registration is essential. It opens here on Monday February 24 at 12pm.

From 8am to 4pm Saturday, and 10am to 2pm Sunday.

More information here.